Stun the World with these Quirky Silver Accessories by Moha!

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Silver, a polished, glimmering metal has fascinated us since ages. If gold jewelry has its own space in the market, silver occupies tradition and style in many ways. Every woman wears ornaments to define her own style statement or simply to look better. Ornaments have always been an inseparable part of our culture and will always remain. However, style is the one factor that keeps reinventing this extraordinary metal and we agree when it comes to a curated collection of silver jewelry by Geetanjali. 

 Moha Silver Jewelry is a brand conceptualized and shaped by Geetanjali, a self-taught artist from Mumbai. Her desire to give birth to absolutely refreshing silver ornaments has kept her going steady and here is why you’ll love these silver ornaments. 

Nose pins, single stud nose rings to studded with beads, the collection is absolutely worth seeing. Not all like golden earrings and for them silver earrings can be a refreshing change since you have a lot to choose from. Every pair of silver earrings is uniquely designed with different types of stones such as coral and turquoise stones. 

A mind-blowing collection of necklaces on is sure to take your breath away. Each piece gives you a feel of rich ethnicity. I personally liked necklaces woven with soft thread and entangled with a silver piece. Get yourself that perfect set of necklaces and wear on saree or skirt. I am sure you’ll be complimented by many. 

Talking about hair pins -then now it’s time to crown your hair with a delicate pair of silver hairpins. 

Moha jewelry isn’t meant for women only but expressing men’s quirky side too. I loved the collection of quirky brooch pins. When it comes to adding a local twist to your modern side, you can score high with Moha Jewelry’s collection. Bro, Dhai Kilo Ka Haath, and Gabru! Do they remind you your local taste? Yes, they are! So get your hands on these quirky jewelry pieces before you lose them. 

With Moha Silver Jewelry’s collection, add an ethnic style quotient to your everyday fashion! Agree? Then order your first piece now on:



Contact: 09930155116

Author Credit: Sheetal Mhaske
Picture Credit: Moha by Geetanjali 


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