Take a Heritage Walk in the Heart of Mumbai this Weekend!

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If you have been Mumbaikar or even a newbie in the city, you must have at one point or other felt mesmerized by the heritage of Fort, right?

Dating back to the 18th century, this area was the heart of the city and still remains to be one. The area gets its name from the defensive fort, Fort George, built by the British East India Company around Bombay Castle. It was built to protect the city from the invasion of Marathas. After thirty years, for more safety purpose a ditch was constructed around the fort.

All Europeans coming by the sea route used to enter through the Apollo Gate which was situated near the present Lion Gate. Other two gates were Churchgate and Bazaar Gate. The name Churchgate suggests that gate was present somewhere near where the Flora fountain to enter St. Thomas Cathedral Church.

Now Fort is the heart of the financial area of the city. Institutions such as the Bombay Stock Exchange, Reserve Bank of India and Tata Group headquarters are located in this area. So the area is jam-packed with commuters, street stalls and the grand facades of British Institutions and trading houses.

When you walk in this area, you will see an amazing plethora of historic landmarks and buildings, constructed in different beautiful and unique styles of architecture and built in a variety of local as well as imported materials. The use of these stones has given an unique effect to the facades from this area .

Famous spots from Fort are Flora Fountain (at Hutatma Chowk (Martyr's Square), is an ornamentally and exquisitely sculpted architectural heritage monument located at the southern end of the historic Dadabhai Naoroji Road, called the Mile Long Road, at the Fort business district in the heart of South Mumbai) and Horniman Circle Gardens is a large park in South Mumbai.

Each building has a different story to tell, about the men who built it and events, history associated with it. Among many, the St. Johns Church is a striking building in the fort area, which is worth to visit. The church has been dedicated to the warriors who laid down their lives in the Sindh campaign of 1838 and the first Afghan war of 1843.

The area extends from the docks in the east, to Azad Maidan in the west; Victoria Terminus in the north to Kala Ghoda in the south.

Near this area there are many amazing places like Ballard Estate, Oval Maidan, Kala Ghoda which boasts of several cafes, Jehangir Art gallery and museum to visit.

The best time to visit this place would be on a Sunday morning as on the other days there would be a lot of cars and traffic after 9 am because of commercialization in that area. 

Moreover, you'll spot beautiful sports and vintage cars which you can't see anywhere in India running only on Sunday morning at Horniman circle.

So, take out some time this weekend, visit Fort and catch the pulse of Maximum City, you are sure to feel rejuvenated

Author and Picture Credit: Nachiket Parchure

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