Tasted Melting Cheese Sandwich Near Mithibai College Yet?

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If you have been in Mumbai for quite some time, I am sure there must be at least one person who must have recommended relishing the vadapavs and dosas served on the opposite street of Mithibai College. Every day, the street is flooded with people from distant to try the street food. The Anand vadapavs and street dosas have also made their way on the list of the top street foods of Mumbai, but what is ignored is the melting cheese sandwich of the Ice N Rolls’’ stall.

With the desire to try something new after college, I and my friend walked a few steps ahead of the famous stalls just to read the board screaming ‘Melting Cheese Sandwich’ of the stall. It was one of the delightful options from the menu which also served with pasta, sizzling brownies to other types of sandwiches with great quantity and reasonable rates. But my heart struck at the melting cheese sandwich.

And as I ordered it, I could see my sandwich being prepared. Could not wait to gulp the sandwich when I see the layers of stuffing. Bread base with chopped vegetables and then the layer of stuff paste of paneer, corns, tomatoes and other vegetables over another the bread.  I could not stop drooling as I saw the excess amount of mayonnaise and cheese as the topping. And the moment the delicious fresh, warm melting cheese was served to me, I could not agree to their tagline which read, ‘You can die for it’. And with its touch of the Italian flavor with the cheese dripping all over, it tasted heavenly. And we were surprised with its quantity which was highly stomach filling in spite of ordering for a small one. If you are someone has a great appetite, opt for the larger size sandwich to enjoy some more bites.

So next time when you are in Vile Parle and want to try something different then give Ice and Roll a shot because they won't disappoint you.

Address: Opposite Bhaidas Hall, Juhu Scheme 1st Road, Near Mithibai College, Juhu, Mumbai.
Contact: 022 26175528, +91 9022817788

Author Credit: Radhika Shah

Picture Credit: Hiba Haji


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