This Borivali Cafe serves Batata Vada Fondue & Samosa Pizza!

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Cafe Chokolade has multiple outlets all over Mumbai but this outlet in Borivali is rocking the most than any others. The reason being their new and unique menu that they keep on experimenting with. This menu is why crowd is so much attracted towards their Borivali outlet than any other outlet. 

Earlier this was a place where you just got milkshakes, some ice creams or pastries but now it has developed itself into a full-fledged restaurant with fries, pizzas, fondues, waffles and what not. You all must be thinking this is very common nowadays with every cafe. Every cafe has waffles, pizzas, fries, what's so unique about this one? Well, this one has few food items which I bet you never had before. 

Here are some of the items which I tried and I bet you haven't tried them before:

Caramel Popcorn Freakshake:

This year I have seen a lot of freakshakes come and go but this by far has to be the highlight of all the freakshakes. Most of the places have freakshakes that don't taste any better than a normal Milkshake but end up making a hole in your pocket. But this freakshake has sworn to catch you by its freaky looks and crazy quantity. Never thought that popcorns can be on a milkshake and can totally fill you up also. The salted caramel milkshake topped all over with whipped cream and caramel popcorn is this freaky freak shake.

‎Batata Vada Fondue:

With new innovations like Pav bhaji fondue, misal pav fondue, I have always seen the fondue change along with its siders. But here they have kept the fondue constant as the cheese fondue but have changed the siders as Mumbai's beloved to go food- the bata vada. These small bata vadas are served with nachos and bread chunks. 

‎Samosa Pizza:

Earlier in 2017, fries on pizza was a big hit in Mumbai and was started by this restaurant and followed by others. After many restaurants imitating it, they have started something extraordinary again. Samosas on pizza are one idea which I absolutely loved. These are not your regular huge potato samosas. These are the mini ones with just cheese fillings inside it.

Now that they have curated a unique menu for you, you not just have one reason to visit here but have multiple reasons. Apart from their new menu, they have in-house ice creams and their traditional Chocolates as well.

Address-Shop 8, Bhattad Towers, Opposite Kora Kendra Ground, Bhattad Road, Borivali west, Mumbai
Contact no-9892707899

Author and Picture Credit: Purnima Nath

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