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The American joint has come up their new menu and it's something that you should certainly now miss. The new introductions I tried from their new menu are definitely worth visiting for again. Changing the classics and doing something innovative with it is what this place has been doing always and I loved how they curated the new items on the menu! But the best of them all was the Mac and Cheese Pakoda that I am still drooling over but there are other delicacies that you are sure to like. So, without much adieu, here are a few of my quick recommendations:

Fried Mac and cheese

I would love if they kept the name " Mac and cheese pakoda" because that has more impact than fried Mac and cheese. When I popped open one, the cheese came oozing out the macaroni just as I had imagined. I would totally recommend you'll to try it.

Hong Kong fries
Ditching the usual kind of fries, these new barbeque glazed fries with green chillies are my favorite kind of and I absolutely loved the quantity they were serving at that price.

American cheeseburger:

This massive burger was stuffed with a veg Pattie, some Vegetables, cheese slices and covered all over with the barbeque sauce. At a point I did feel that the barbeque sauce was a little too much than required.

Brownie waffle
This was the new type of waffle I was having, waffles made with the soft brownie batter and topped with brownie crunches and white sauce. What a perfect end to the meal, indeed!

 I absolutely loved what they had created in their new menu. I wanted to try more of their items but was so full with the servings that I wish you would surely do the needful.

Contact - 8080522522
Address- the Ahcl Homes tower, Chikuwadi new link road, Borivali west, mumbai


Author and Picture Credit: Purnima Nath

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