This Chor Bazaar Shop Offers Vintage Decor Made from Junk!

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Mumbai’s very own Chor Bazaar has always been a fascinating place to scout for all things archaic and unique. However, you would have to head there with some heavy bargaining skills and a keen eye because more often than not, the collection that is unearthed requires some sprucing up.  In case you have an obsession for everything antique and you’ve found yourself roaming around Chor Bazaar endlessly in the hunt for that special something to uplift the aesthetics of your house, then your days of aimless wandering are over! There’s a brand new furniture store that’s opened up in Chor Bazaar and it has the quirkiest collection in town.

The Grand Trunk, in Chor Bazaar is our latest find and you will absolutely love it! Unlike the rest of the shops in Chor Bazaar, this is one space that is not at all cluttered and has been done up, to give each piece of furniture space and attention it deserves. As you walk in, you would first notice the vintage looking cupboards with their pastel paints and “peeling” looks. Here’s the twist! Not all the furniture here are hundreds of years old as the other shops in Chor Bazaar claim.

Quite a few pieces from The Grand Trunk’s collection are new but have been created and designed with an antique finish. Some of them have been refurbished and re-innovated for customers who handed over their old furniture with the hope of receiving them back in a completely new Avatar. So in case you have grown tired of seeing that plain old book shelf gathering dust in the corner of your living room, you can have The Grand Trunk modify it and make it look completely new! No, not new. Completely vintage!!!

They also have some out of the box designs such as a lamp created from the parts of an old cycle and a shelf created from half an auto! This is the place to be if you have an eclectic taste for home décor. Mr. Abdul, the owner of the shop, is amicable and always ready to show you around the space. So the next time you head to Chor Bazaar, be sure not to miss out on this hidden treasure trunk!!
Where: The Grand Trunk, 78/94, Khara Tank Road, Chor Bazaar, Antique Market, Mumbai 400003


Author and Picture Credit: Varsha Rao

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