This Fort Eatery Serves Fingerlicking, Thrifty One-Pot Meals

Cuisines: Gourmet

Attributes: Cafes, Classy

Aka Bistro is catching up in the new for its soothing ambiance and I just have to say one thing about their food is that it is uber affordable and their one pot meals are definitely worth dying for, oh, yes!

Located in the busy streets of Fort, this place serves affordable food that can fill your tummy and get you happy satisfied with the food you're having. The place has full aesthetic interior with handmade models of art on each of their window which represents art in each part of the restaurant.

Coming to the food and drinks:

-Seared Tofu- I wanted to have their One pot food since a long time and had the best experience with this dish as it lives completely up to it's expectations and name by filling your stomach with everything that they serve in that one pot.

-Lamb Goulash- As a lamb lover, the quantity was impressive and didn't compromise on the lamb pieces also. Mind you, these are not like the ones you have regularly! They cook the lamb slowly to keep the softness of the lamb so that it blends well with the rice 

-Bikini on the beach- they had me with the name itself. Their tangy Mocktail had the orange and pineapple flavor just the way I like it.

Apart from that, I loved their Fish and Chips. Well, who doesn't love to start with fish and chips? As chips, they served french fries which I loved! The fish was crispy and hot and went well with the dip.

Last but not the least, my favorite here was the dessert!! The Chocolate Orange fudge cake was the best way to end the meal. Couldn't have asked for more.

I would suggest you'll to go for the one-pot meals any day as I totally loved them. They are perfect for lunchtime or even dinner and completely fill you up.

Address-121, Radha Bhavan,Military Square,Nagindas Master Road,Fort, Mumbai
Contact-022 33716073

Author and Picture Credit: Purnima Nath

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