This Lounge of Ghatkopar is Every Superhero fan's Paradise!

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Are you bored of the same place, same interiors? How about going to a superhero-themed restaurant in the city where you could sit in the accompany of your favourite superheroes and even devour some good food, eh? The Heroes Lounge in Ghatkopar is that place! Sounds magical? It is more than you think. 

The owner of this superhero land, Mr.Hiren is one the very few people who got this restaurant legally authorized to have two parts of this restaurant. One where you can enjoy the food and the other section where people above 18 years are allowed to smoke sheesha. 

The superheroes keep you company here through every kind of merchandise - be it figurines, posters et al! Oh, the vibe of superheroes is so much in the air here, I tell you!

After talking about their ambiance let's talk about the food. They have a vegetarian menu and serve a wide range of appetizers, mains, Maggie. 

Do check our quick recommendations: 

Corn cheese balls:

Why go for the regular fries when you have an option of cheese in front of you? The corn cheese balls were not some ordinary ones, they were huge - the size of bombs and had cheese spilling out of it as you popped it open.

Turkish Bruits

At first when I saw Turkish Bruits, I thought they were some kind of mini samosas, but oh boy they were something so different and yummy. The filling was of veggies, cheese and deep fried in a triangular shape.

Paneer Florentine

These were cottage cheese in small pillow shapes, looked so cute and were so soft and yummy to eat. The paneer Florentine is basically paneer fried in a very soft manner along with spices that literally melts in your mouth.

Aubergine & Mozzarella cheese pockets

Just as I thought that how far can you go with veg food, they literally surprised me. This was my favorite out there. I didn't know eggplant was called aubergine and didn't know they could make it taste so good. This is my top recommendation if you're coming here as I always refused to eat aubergine at home but here I ate the most.

Double Cheese Maggie

Well, what can you even talk about Maggie? It's something that speaks for itself. But the way they made the Maggie here, made me order another one after finishing, licking the first plate. The masalas, and the amount of cheese complimented each other so well that you will forget the Maggie you make at home. 

Mexican Pizza

If only I could attach pictures of the respective dish, then you wouldn't be reading any further of this. The cheesiest pizza with the yummiest toppings I had here. The 9-inch pizza didn't seem any smaller anymore. It could literally fill 2 people up as it was so yummy, heavy and cheesy!

Pesto & Salsa Hummus

These are two different types of hummus and I liked how they picked up these flavors for hummus as I had never tried these flavors before and damn they tasted so good.

Finger-licking food, superheroes to keep you company and a sheesha to sip at an arm length - Heroes Lounge offers it all! You better pay them a visit if you are looking for all it this upcoming weekend!

Address- The Destination Building, 4th floor, Amarmahal, Chembur West, Mumbai, India 400089

Contact - 08080076076

Author and Picture Credit: Purnima Nath

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