This Mumbai-based Artist Creates Life through his Paintings!

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Art is an artist’s sheer expression of his true imagination that he brings to the paper making it a reality. His ideas or imagination paint the blank canvas in such a way that you may mistake it as a real photograph. However, not all have this powerful imagination but in the case of Shashikant Dhotre, the contemporary artist from Solapur it comes naturally. 

A group of kids playing marbles, women grinding cereals on the wheel, young girls painting the vases or drawing mehndi on each other’s hand, these are some of the paintings seem so real, that they debate your thoughts whether they are paintings or real photographs. This artistic magic can only be captured none other than this talented artist from a small town. 

Shashikant Dhotre’s journey from being a small-town boy to the renowned artist is very inspirational. Though life wasn’t a cake walk for him but he never let hardships of life take a toll on his creativity. He never received any formal education in arts but passion knows no boundary. Financial condition remained hurdle throughout his journey but the day he took a lead pen in his hand, it was no turning back for him. Soon his drawings turned into awe-inspiring creations that flocked in a lot of sponsors. 
In the past few years, he has been honored by Bombay Art Society Awards (2009), India Art Festival Awards (2011), and has been recognized as Kohinoor of Maharashtra Award in 2015). 

Maharashtrian women in different postures, the folds of the sari, their facial expressions have impeccably been captured by him. His work is mainly influenced by the typical rural women in a remote part of his village. His paintings are not mere expressions of women but exemplify his keen observation and inspiration from the surroundings he has been brought up. 

The women in the paintings look absolutely natural. All he needs is a black paper and color pencils to draw these phenomenal paintings. His paintings look so alive and creative that set him apart from other artists. 

I bet the moment you Google out his paintings; you’ll be speechless. Discover this artist whose creation is beyond the canvas at your earliest! 

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