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When we were kids we always imagined at least once to live in a chocolate castle, haven’t we? And now when we go out to eat, the most awaited part of the meal is mostly the dessert, isn’t it? What if I told you that there is a place where you can fulfill all your dessert cravings and would not have to wait until the end for the dessert.

99 Pancakes, in South Mumbai, has opened its doors for all those people who want to be surrounded just by desserts. As the name suggests it has a wide variety of pancakes, but here’s the twist, it not just has pancakes, but also has mini pancakes, which is their signature dishes. Along with those mini pancakes, they have some thick shakes, crepes and some other innovative ideas put with desserts.

The best part is that all the desserts here are 100% eggless, so you have no reason to ditch them and trust me they are very fast in giving you the orders you have placed despite the heavy crowd visiting this place. The preparation of the pancakes, ice creams, shakes, everything is done in front of you. The interior has all the cute wall hangings will just tempt you to try these pancakes asap and they have a huge tower of Nutella which just won’t escape your eyes.

After trying one of each variety from their menu, here are my top recommendations for you:

From the Holland Pancakes section, they have two categories, one menu which they have designed for you and the other where you get to design your own mini pancakes.

Mini Mango Mania

This is my favorite from all that I had tried. Because mangoes? Who would refuse them? They have mangoes available most of the time of the year and they are fresh as well. The savory taste of mini pancakes with mangoes and cream along with it is like showers of little drops of heaven.

Make your own pancake:

Now here’s the challenge, picking up one from heir menu was very easy but when it came to design our own pancake that’s where the mind has to actually dig it. They have over 10 types of topping and 4 types of base to choose and make your own Holland pancakes. So, go ahead and make your own creation.

Crazy Nutella Shake

 From the King kong shakes section, I had the Nutella one which was suggested by the owner and the staff. After having this shake, I did not regret my decision at all as the shake was so thick and rich in Nutella that with every sip you get the thickness of Nutella mixed with ice creams.


Now, this is something I did not have before. I had the choco rocks snowflakes which are basically huge chocolate flakes with chocolate brownie chunks and chocolate sauce served in a sinful manner that pleases both your eyes and your taste buds to its fullest.

After trying so many items from their menu, it becomes difficult to say goodbye to such places. And it's true because you don’t do justice by saying goodbye to such places, you do justice by visiting here again and again. 

Address- ground floor, commerce house, N.M Joshi Marg, Fort, Mumbai
Contact no- 9699349349

Author and Picture Credit: Purnima Nath

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