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Did you know that growing plants and working in a garden has therapeutic effects and calms you after a busy day at work? It is time to get your hands dirty. However, if you are new to all of this stuff. “Vriksha Nursery” is the right place to begin. Here you could find a vast selection of plants: flowers, trees, shrubs, vegetables, grasses, bamboos.

Vriksha Nursery is owned by Late Mr. Ashok Lalwani & Family established since 1979, in Vile Parle, Mumbai. The family run business and provides a plant nursery know how that runs through generations and is now managed by Mr. Shaan.

In the case of buying plants, it is essential that you visit the plant nursery, even if you want to buy your plants online. Vriksha Nursery, has all the local varieties and also introduces new and exotic species with on-going season. It grows plant onsite and has its own Mud-House in the backyard, filled with a hardworking human. This allows them to follow and control the growing process from a seedling. 

Vriksha has its own set of transport for delivery service when dealing with larger plants and trees. A large variety of plants are available in Vriksha is something that will surely surprise you. You will be amazed to see plants and trees of different types and categories. From fruit trees, seeds, bulbs to saplings, you will be able to find so much that you would never see in a local store. One of the major advantages of buying plants from Vriksha is that you can buy with the help of professional plant grower. Well, they are the real plant breeders. When you are going to a wholesale nursery, you are actually skipping the middle man and his profit. So, you are saving a lot of money. They have started exporting plant species to Korea, South Africa to name a few.

On good news, nowadays where our generation is so used to, to replace the broke, Vriksha recycles trash into beauty for us. Old bottles, bins, plastic cans, anything for everyone.  This will help; grow more plants with lesser costs.

Who said beauty is not for sale, ever been to Vriksha Nursery?

Address: 1, Ganga Apartments, Irla Railway Society, Vileparle West, Mumbai
Contact: 09820704069

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Author Credit: Taha Shah

Picture Credit: Vriksha Nursey

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