This Soothing Resort Hidden in the Sahyadri is Enchanting!

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How many times have you considered a vacation removed from the hustle and bustle of city life and the stretch of unfiltered white noise? In case you’ve caught yourself wistfully doodling wooden cottages on your notepad while at work, that dream can be realized very soon! Perched against the unexplored terrain of the Sahyadri Mountains, is a highland resort that will quench your thirst for a mountain getaway.

Malhar Marchi removes you from the very core of city life and transports you to a premise in its most natural elements. Its rustic interiors have been carefully designed to guarantee not just privacy but absolute serenity to its guests and make sure that they experience the ultimate regeneration. The setting is grand, yet intimate enough so that when you step into the cozily lit rooms with its sprawling beds, you feel quite at home. Gone are the days of curt, no-nonsense hotel rooms. The hospitality is of the highest standards.

The rooms range from family cottages to Premium and Maharaja and suites. And the hospitality is unmatched and unfiltered. You will find yourself being treated to welcome drinks, high teas and unlimited food. Indulge in your gluttony without second thoughts.

The resort is so particular about their privacy that they do not even allow visitors to enter the premises without prior booking! So your peace of mind is one thing you can be guaranteed of as soon as you set foot into the premises.

For the little ones, there is a little farm converted into a petting zoo, while the ladies of the house can indulge in a relieving spa session.

So get your tired bones out of that chair and book yourself a room in this paradise. Whatever you choose to indulge in here, be rest assured, that you will walk out with a re-energized, happy soul!
Where: Malhar Machi, At Post Valne, Taluka - Mulshi. Dist - Pune - 411 040.
Contact: +91 8888000055 / +91 8806000055

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Author Credit: Varsha Rao

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