This Store at Lower Parel Changes the Way You Look at Decor!

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Located at a mill in Lower Parel BARO- Home Decor is a gem when it comes to finding unique, fine pieces of art for your house. It’s a double storied space which oozes art, and creativity at all levels. It started as an experiment that was termed as ‘Highlight Living’, and now it’s a full-fledged brand.

BARO started out in 2014, in the office of Highlight Films as a trial by Srila Chatterjee and Siddharth Sirohi. This involved handmade furniture in reclaimed wood having a mid-century modern expression. In two years duration, they found that the visitors there were delighted at what they saw. It was a lively space that housed different art forms and unique designs. This lead to the next step where BARO as a home decor brand evolved. Based on the ideas and inspiration that triggered the concept of ‘Highlight Living’ BARO is a harmonious union of aesthetics, ethics and ergonomics.

BARO’s design philosophy draws from the Japanese axiom of Wabi-sabi. This is the art of imperfection. The art and furniture at BARO find's beauty in simplicity. Every imperfection here as been given an aesthetic touch. Every old piece of furniture is restored keeping its ageing intact. The furniture packs fun with colour. They use Duco paint on their furniture that can be customised as per the order. The upholstery on the sofas and chairs is of sundry origin that can also be personalized upon request. Prices at BARO makes sense given their effort in creating memorable pieces for your home. 

It’s not just furniture at BARO. It also lends it support to artisans all over India, with an aim to change how people perceive indigenous art. There are pieces of Gond art, Pattachitra from Orissa, Pichwai from Rajasthan among others. When it comes to decor BARO exhibits its own collection of vintage lights collected from various home and even theatres across the country. These reflect primarily up-on the Mid-Century, and Art-Deco periods. It also has its own designs of lamp shades and lights, handmade in their workshops

BARO is not just a shop selling home decor, it’s defining new ways of decorating your house which is simple yet meaningful. It is lending a hand in preserving the lost art traditions of our country, and that is a great endeavour. You can come to BARO for doing business with them or you can just come there to hang and feel the vibe of the place, they are always warm and welcoming.

Address: BARO, Sun Mill Compound 12, Lower Parel Bridge Lower Parel
Contact: 022 4034 4888

Author Credit: Amrita Ganguly

Picture Credit: BARO

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