This Weekend, Check out this Password Protected Pub in Fort!

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It all started when I randomly stumbled across a mention of The Local as a password protected pub. ‘What’s password protected?’ I wondered to myself and made a mental note to check this place out just to satisfy my curiosity. Finally, on a Tuesday evening, when work got on to my nerves I decided to test if The Local would be of any help.

Finding the way:

Now I have walked up and down this footpath in South Mumbai a zillion times and yet, this was the first time I was purposefully looking The Local. Funny, how I had never spotted it in the past. But that’s the thing about it, you find it only if you are looking for it. It’s almost like a ‘cult’.

So after fumbling with Google Maps that kept pointing a bare wall when I finally asked a paanwallah nearby, I was shown the door. It’s an inconsequential blue door with no name, no hoarding. It’s just there.


As soon as I entered the door I was in a cavity with another door which was password protected. I patted myself on the back for having checked the password on their Facebook page before waltzing in here. But here’s what – even if you don’t know the password, a guard (who had vanished at my time) is always there to guide you, or so I am told. Anyway. Once the password is entered, the big door opens into this little world of rustic, screechy chairs, a wall-to-wall mirror and a sparkling bar counter. I liked what I saw.


But I had reached there by 7.30 pm, a tad too early for the night. While the place opens at 7 pm, the karaoke begins only by 9-9.30 pm. And that is when the evening gets into action mode.


Being a Bollywood fan, I was in heaven when the karaoke began. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are Bollywood karaoke nights. People started by requesting for slow songs and soon the pace picked up. Lyrics of all the songs that you had hummed or had danced on since childhood were rolled on the big white board. The way these songs played on nostalgia – they even played sar jo tera chakraaye (with the video!) – is plain awesome.

As it was a new place I was exploring, I steered clear off the usual stuff and ordered for their desi cocktail – kachi kairi – this was vodka with aam pannah. It was tangy, chilled and delicious. As I had arrived early, and well within the happy hour, I got two for the price of one (Rs 300). The prices here dangle between steep and nominal.

The weekly calendar:
You don’t just have to be a fan of Bollywood music to enjoy here because they have a day for all kinds of people!
Monday – Soft music
Tuesday – Bollywood Karaoke
Wednesday – Boardgame night and Bollywood Karaoke
Thursday – English Karaoke
Friday and Saturday – Fusion of classic and commercial English songs
Sunday – Old School Bollywood

Do visit this one of its kind place this weekend and thank me later!

Address: 111-A Currimjee Building , Opp. Mumbai University M.G.Road Fort. Mumbai, India 400001

Contact: 9930244326 

Author Credit: Latika Payak

Picture Credit: Latika Payak/The Local

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