Toasted Smores Chocolate Soil: This Baker Makes Crazy Bakes!

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Pratik Kuckerja aka Chef Kucks, founded Fat is Flavour in 2015. Since then, he has experimented and created several flavours of cakes that reflect each of his customer’s personalities.

The first step to making his cakes is the “Cake interview”. He asks you questions like what’s your favorite flavor, a cherished childhood memory, your likes, dislikes and then creates an unimaginable flavour accordingly. 

One of his favorite experiment was with a client who loved Chinese food. Chef Kucks mixed white chocolate with black pepper and created an unusually delicious flavoured cake for him. 

Some of his other inventions include Crème anglaise with peach, Drunken caramel escapade, Dark chocolate and tangerine gateaux, Moist Nutella mousse with belgian truffle,Twix with oozy caramel and a lot more flavours that will give you crazy cravings just by the sound of it. 

Fat is Flavour is famous for its exotic Chocolate Soil, yet another invention of Chef Kucks. It comes in some divine flavours like Rocher praline, Cookie dough with caramel, Toasted S’mores, Nutella crunch, Dark Chocolate Alphonso Mango and a lot more. This delectable Chocolate soil is made of swirls of milk, chocolate with a gooey centre, filled with flavours of crunchy praline or nuts of your choice, hand-rolled in pool of nutella that it just melts immediately it hits your taste buds. 

The cakes here are sold not in kilos but in portions. Count yourself as two because you’re sure to go for a second helping once you’ve tasted his cakes. They start at Rs 1500 for 8 portions and vary accordingly. 

They only do takeaway orders and pop-ups at exhibitions. Do follow @chefkucks on Instagram for some foodgasmic pictures of his cakes. 

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Author Credit: Payal Periera

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