Unwind with an Eco-Stay at this Tree House Resort in Lonavla

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Situated merely a 100 kms from Mumbai, The Machan, could be that escape you are looking for at the end of a hectic week. What makes a stay here a really unique is that fact that their rooms are situated at a height of 30-40 feet, on tree-tops, offering a brilliant view of the wild.

To reach here you will have to drive approximately 17 kms from Lonavala to a place called Atvan. The resort has been built away from the buzzing hill station for two reasons – first is to help people get away from the crowd and next is to make it an independent eco-sustainable property.

Here, the management does not believe in using conventional sources of energy that lead to a larger carbon footprint. Instead, alternative means of energy, like solar energy are used to light the property and to heat water. That’s also the reason why they do not provide rooms with air conditioners and televisions as they are not optimally supported by unconventional energy generation.

What you get at The Machan is this – undisturbed peace of mind (courtesy: dotty network) and a perfect escape from the exhausting city buzz; all this in the calming company of nature.

The resort offers an array of rooms based on your preferences and budget, right from the cabin to the heritage room. All rooms have a breath-taking view. The resort was created with the vision of providing stay right in the midst of nature without barring the view. So, the rooms have glass walls that help you take in the surroundings at leisure.

Be prepared:

This is the best getaway for souls who like to be in the quiet and can afford to disconnect while here. Also, while the breakfast is included in the tariff for your room, for lunch and breakfast (priced at Rs 990 each) you have to inform the hotel in advance as they prepare meals only for a limited number.

Take away:

But if it’s the nature you are absolutely craving for then I would strongly recommend a weekend stay here. To make most of your visit, the management also provides for nature walks and yoga sessions that help you de-stress. The place is also a delight for photographers because of access to breath-taking views from the room. But do take the weather in consideration while choosing your room. For example, the sunset room, which boasts of being the perfect spot for witnessing sunsets, might not be as useful during monsoons when the sunset gets blocked by dark clouds.


As the property is literally situated in the middle of nowhere, its logistics are challenging and the cost tips to the higher side. Here, you can find cabins and machans ranging from Rs 8000 to Rs 35,000 for two nights (they do not allow bookings for just one night) depending on their type and size.

Getting there:

Address:  Private Road, Atvan, Maharashtra 401401

The Machan is located 17 kms south of Lonavala, on the way to Sahara Aamby Valley, just 8 kms before them. They do not arrange for any pick-ups or drops, but their reservation executive can help you book pick-up or drop with some travel companies. 

Contact: +91-7666622426

Website: http://www.themachan.com/index.php

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/machanresorts/

Author Credit: Latika Payak

Picture Credit: The Machan


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