Vintage Pool Table, Plaid Trunks & More at this SoBo Store!

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Ever wanted your home to look like a set from a historical film? Step into Taherally's. Taherally's is a vintage furniture store housed in many parts of Mumbai including Chor Bazaar and Lower Parel. They've been dealing with fine arts and decorative items throughout the globe since the last 57 years. Started in 1960, Tahreally's is like Indiana Jones as they have explored various parts of the world and hunted down the best artefacts that one could find.

Apart from furniture, they have the largest collection of hundis (glass lanterns). They also specialize In Chinese and French silver-ware, chandeliers, paintings, fixtures, and decorative lights. You will also see a miniature American pool table, leather suitcases, plaid trunks and a bear-shaped ashtray. It doesn't stop here. There are marble and bronze sculptures too. Try these exotic items giving your home a rich look of the bygone age.

The prices vary according to the items. In case you fail to find what you are looking for, they will help source the Item and report their findings back to you. It's difficult to choose from their large selection of inventory but they're always by your side to assist and elevate your home.

Contact: 098330 01305
Address: Kohinoor Estate, 165, Tulsi Pipe Road, Opp. Phoenix Marketcity, Lower Parel, Mumbai


Photo Courtesy: Taherally's

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Ever wanted your home to look like a set from a historical film? Step into Taherally&
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