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When we hear a Japanese cafe we think it to be the regular sushis, udon noodles, the ambiance of the restaurant to be authentic and equipped with the Japanese staff, right? But, Hello Guppy is a new fun Japanese cafe and bar opened at BKC is an exception for sure.

With its vibrant colours of the interior, the funky walls and tables, this place will refresh your mood. The name "Hello Guppy" comes from the fish "Guppy". They kept this name as their speciality is seafood. Most of the dishes we tried here were seafood based, but the other dishes were equally remarkable.

I totally loved the vibe at this place and the scheme of colours there was equally perked up. Sharing some of my favourites here so that you may try it out when you go there:

Salmon Miso Soup

One of the best ways to begin your meal here is by having the salmon soup. Fermented paste in bonito dashi with toku, wakame, salmon and spring onion, the salmon in the soup is soft and just melts in your mouth letting you to finish the entire soup.

Chirashi Seafood Salad

Usually salads are those  kind of food which I neither prefer to eat at home nor anywhere outside. But the Chirashi Seafood salad is a treat for seafood lover.This light weight salad has the yummiest prawns, tuna,salmon, crab stick. All of this boiled and mixed greens tossed in vegetable and sesame goma ae dressing.


3) California Roll

The California roll is a sushi based on white rice.  The sushi is white rice wrapped over Crabs, cucumber, avocado and flying fish tobiko. Recommend to eat this sushi with a minimal amount of wasabi.


4) Avocado, Cucumber and Cream Cheese Roll

The black rice comes wrapped with cream cheese, cucumber, avocado,sesame seeds for this one. The black rice makes this sushi quite crispy to eat where the California roll was much softer. Not just slightly crispy. The cream cheese and cucumber in this sushi makes it a lot juicier also.


Chicken Karaage Udon noodles

One of the best dishes you will have here is the Udon noodles. This is their signature noodles based dish made in the authentic Udon noodles way. Udon is a type of thick noodles which  the Japanese people use. It is said to be the most filling dish.

Chashu Pork belly

The pork belly was also served as a main dish where apple balsamic glazed chashu pork is given crispy bacon, served on a bed of steamed rice with kimchi pickle, karashi mustard sauce and salad. The bacon here was very crispy and chewy of you had it along with the rice.


Atom Bomb

We had the regular atom bomb cocktail which is an atomic combination of vodka, peach schnapps, Passion fruit nectar and apple.


Bittersweet Symphony

The unique drink I had here was the Bittersweet Symphony. It is sweet vermouth, whisky and bitter smoked to perfection served in a frozen martini glass.

All in all, a good place to hang around for a quick brunch, lunch or dinner in Japanese style. So, here’s wishing you Bon Appetit before you rush to visit Hello Guppy!

Author and Picture Credit: Purnima Nath

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