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Let me narrate to you a story, a story of curiosities and dreams turned into a curated space of everything. Sacha Mendes moved back to her native state of Goa back in 2009, after taking a sabbatical from her flourishing writing and fashion styling career in Mumbai. Sacha’s shop in Goa is a store of collectibles and curios stocked from different labels. The namesake store of Sacha was not started with much foreground plan; the inception of the idea happened right in her ancestral home, the same place where the store stands today.

For a business which did not have a north, Sacha opened her Pandora Box of a shop with just a few items; cushion covers by her mother, two racks of clothes by her friends and a few jars of orange-peel cookies made by a friendly neighbor.  This little resort wear store in Goa is sure to lift up the spirits of anyone visiting it. Since it was never meant to be a commercial store, Sacha has retained the exclusivity of her ancestral place alive, enough to make the visitors feel at home. The shop is a curated space of unique but lovely things like cross-stitch towels, beautiful jewelry pieces, leather puppets, and refurbished apparels and decorative. Sacha with her fashion styling streak curates out-of-the ordinary things, both to soothe the eye and make a statement, this shop is one place you’ll keep coming back to. Next time you visit the beach capital, drop in here, scurry through the display or just soak in the ambiance, all in all, Sacha’s Shop is a good investment of both time and money.

Sacha's Shop currently stocks: SavioJon | The Orient Line | Eka | Tilla | Small Shop | 11:11 | Maku | Fara I Aish I Naushad Ali | Lisa Jackal | People Tree

Address: Casa Mendes, e526 Swami Vivekananda road, opposite old passport office, near Icici Bank, Panjim, Goa, India
Contact: 9823805897

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/Sachas-Shop-195663670524708/ 

Author Credit: Wrisha Mukherjee
Picture Courtesy: Sacha’s Shop

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