Want to get High on Chai? Rush to this Bandra Cafe!

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If you're a chai-lover like us, you'll understand the disappointment we face for the lack of our favorite beverage on the menu. Putting that disappointment to rest is a new all-tea cafe in Bandra. 

Tasteful in its appeal, High On Tea serves you with hot and cold beverages along with an extensive food range. Their food bar includes dishes from different cuisines. From what I had the opportunity to taste, I loved the Crémé French and Parfait. For beverages, I'd recommend you to go for a Detox or a Mood Charger if you wish to sip on a cold drink. 

The cafe has a very cozy and warm ambiance. With books stacked on a side and a swing set on the other, the cafe has a stay-here-for-longer factor. Its combination of earthy furniture and variety of steaming hot teas to select from makes it a regular on my list. You can pick from the rare selection of teas like the Sencha Tea, The Assamic Tea and the White Tea imported from authentic tea plantations across Southern Asia. 

The staff is extremely polite and they were more than happy to enlighten me about the various types of teas they have on the house, the various regions that they import it from and its benefits. 

It's a place you'd want to catch up on your friends with or spend a cold evening reading a book by yourself. Head to Bandra to explore the plethora of teas that they offer. 

Location: Shop no 5, Luis Belle Building, Corner of 30th and 16th Rd, Pali Village, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050

Contact: +919819661278

Author and Picture Credit: Mitali Semlaani

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