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With Belgian waffle killing it in the town side, it has opened its newest outlet in Vashi. A little far away from the station but I'm sure it will totally become a quick snack, desert and a hangout place for most of the crowd our there.

They have introduced new items on their menu, and it's definitely what I'm gonna come for again.
Apart from their regular waffles, here are 2 things they have newly introduced and I’m sure you will love it too:

-Banana popsicles with Oreo, and Nutella on top
A better way to make sure that you eat that one banana a day. They serve half of a banana in the form of a popsicle and cover it with Nutella all over and to make it irresistible, they add crunches if oreo on top of it. So you have your banana with all your favorite ingredients. How smart is that?

If you can make that out from the name itself, its pretty much simple. Ow two simple ingredients in your home itself can make a completely new dish. Replacing the cream with ice cream is one brilliant way to enjoy your favorite waffle. Since they are serving waff-wich in two flavors I would recommend you’ll to give a contrasting taste. Like Belgian waffle with chocolate ice cream or chocolate waffle with vanilla ice cream. Pick your choice.

Now that the most budget-friendly waffle house is in the suburbs too, I think I have made it easy for you pick your dessert place.

Contact no- 9833143349
Address- 6, manek CHS, Opposite Bhagat Tarachand, Sector 29, Vashi, Navi mumbai

Author and Picture Credit: Purnima Nath

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