Whooping 10 Ice Cream Sundaes to Slurp at Snowbirds!

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Snowbirds is a place that does not serve your regular ice cream or freakshakes. As unique as its name is, Snowbirds in Thane is serving Galaxy ice creams, Birthday Freakshakes and 10 ice cream sundaes.

Yes, you've got it right, their Mega Snowbirds Platter is the largest selling item on their menu and by the looks of it, it just sells itself and does not need any bragging at all.

Here are some of my top recommendations at Snowbirds, Thane:

Skyfall Freakshake

Yes, I chose this freakshake because of its name and just as the signature of the name "Skyfall", this freakshake was equally good. It's a minty Chocolate flavor shake covered all over with Oreos and topped with mint ice cream and mint cheesecake cookie. What a heavenly delight for both your eyes and taste buds. Trust me, you will rush to this place as soon as you see the pictures of its shakes.

Mega Snowbirds Platter

This is one thing I bet you won't find anywhere else. You get veg platter, non-veg platter, but where do you get an ice cream platter? Their Mega Snowbirds Platter consists of 10 scoops of 10 different ice creams of your choice and unlimited toppings of your choice. They even have a mini snowbirds platter that has 5 scoops of ice creams and unlimited toppings. While we're talking about mega platters here, 3 people were unable to finish the mini platter.

Apart from these, I would highly recommend you'll to try their Bubblegum flavor and galaxy flavored ice creams. When I say unique, it means I've never seen such things before and this place should be totally on your wish list if you're bored with the regular vanilla and chocolate flavored ice creams.

Address- Subway, Vasant Vihar, Thane West
Contact- 9920715525

Author and Picture Credit: Purnima Nath

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