Witness the Dance of a Million Fireflies at Purushwadi!

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Sometimes, to unwind and relax, it becomes necessary to step out of our fast-paced city lives. And if a getaway also offers a phenomenon that you have never experienced before, well, could you ask for more?

“We were on a trip with our friends to this tribal village of Purushwadi, and suddenly when darkness fell we were startled by the sight of a million fireflies around us,” says Richa Williams, Marketing and Communications Consultant at Grassroutes. And why not, an evening lit up by the mating dance of thousands of glow-worms is indeed a sight that we don’t witness in swanky cities. 
When the villagers were quizzed about this phenomenon, they merely smiled said, “Oh, there’s nothing unusual; about it. It happens all the time!” That’s when Grassroutes realized the gap between life in the city and rural India.

An experience as beautiful as this one led to the inception of the Firefly Festival. This year it’s taking place for a month, between June 3 and July 2 at Purushwadi, a tribal village in rural Maharashtra. This month, especially during pre-monsoons, fireflies glow to attract their mate. But when the rains set it, they halt this mating dance and the festival ends. And, if you haven’t made a trip to Purushwadi yet, now is the perfect time to do so!

So, what really happens on an excursion to Purushwadi?

The experience begins with a rustic welcome once you reach Purushwadi. Soon, you are allotted a tent and invited for an organic vegetarian lunch at a villager’s house. Post that is nap-time when you can rest your travel weary muscles for a couple of hours.
Then, tea and biscuits are served early in the evening and you are nudged to play games – just like in our childhood – or can opt to take a stroll around the village. After an active evening, you are served a traditional dinner comprising of puran polis and aamti.

By this time your frayed city nerves have begun to relax. Suddenly you start noticing glowing dots appearing from behind the trees and bushes, some even from under your table! This officially marks the beginning of the Firefly Festival for you! For the next couple of hours, you take a relaxing stroll and witness the beautiful, magical phenomenon that nature offers. And after you have watched it to your heart’s content, you finally retire to bed.

But the Purushwadi excursion is far from over. Early next morning you can either opt for a short trek or just sip in your bed tea and enjoy the cool weather. Then, once you are bathed, you are called for a simple, yet wholesome breakfast. Post which you join hands with the villagers to plough their fields and help them pluck (and eat!) mangoes and jamuns. By the time you are done with these, it’s lunch-time! Again, a homely lunch awaits, post which you are free to return rejuvenated to your city life.

To experience such a memorable weekend, reach out to Grassroutes (email: info@grassroutes.co.in/ Mob: 8879477437). You can either opt to stay in tents, by the lakeside or in a homestay. The place is children-friendly. In fact, it is advisable to get children here because they learn a lot about village life and nature. So, register asap as the festival is nearing its tail end and seats are filling up fast!

Date: Till July 2

Note: You have to arrange your own transport to Purushwadi, which is around 70 kms from Igatpuri. The itinerary for Purushwadi begins by 12 pm, so time your travel accordingly.

Contact: 8879477437


For reaching Purushwadi: 
1) Train from Mumbai to Igatpuri (130 kms) and By road from Igatpuri to Purushwadi(71kms)
2) Train from Mumbai to Nashik (174 kms) and By roda from Nashik to Purushwadi (100 kms)
3) Bus from Mumbai to Nashik (174 kms) and By road from Nashik to Purushwadi (100 kms)
4) Overnight Bus from Mumbai to Nashik (174 kms) and By road from Nashik to Purushwadi (100 kms)
5) Bus from Mumbai to Shirdi (260 kms) and By road from Shirdi to Purushwadi (100 kms)
6) Overnight bus from Mumbai to Shirdi (260 kms) and By road from Shirdi to Purushwadi (100 kms)

Written by: Latika Payak

Picture Credit: Grassroutes

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