You must try Cheese Toast Sev Puri at this place in Matunga!

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Sev Puri, Dahi Puri, Ragda Puri, Bhel Puri, Pani Puri – Give me any variation and I’ll gulp it down in a minute. Makes it pretty clear right? I Love Chaat! And my best friend has tried all possible permutations and combinations of Sandwiches – right from Sandwizza and Subway to the numerous raju sandwich stalls located in every nook and cranny in the by lanes of Mumbai, So when we heard of this place in Matunga that makes a fusion of both, we were super excited to try it!

Last Thursday, we were in Matunga for work and when the hunger pangs strung we headed to Gupta Chat center. It did not disappoint us at all but made us fall in love with this lip-smacking dish called Cheese Sev Puri Toast.

As interesting as the name sounds, the process of this dish being made is even more fascinating. Three slices of bread are buttered generously and green mint chutney is smoothly applied over them, some crispy brown puris are placed on one slice, topped with soft crushed potatoes freshly cut onions and small pieces of flavourful kacchi kairi,  tangy tamarind chutney and red garlic chutney are poured over this delicious spread. Crunchy yellow sev is sprinkled along with the red spicy dal. I just couldn’t stop drooling when a generous amount of Cheese was grated all over it making it the ultimate fusion of Chaat and Sandwich. This entire sandwich goes into the toaster and comes piping hot all roasted and brown when once again butter is smothered all over it and a crazy quantity of cheese is grated over the top. The sandwich is sliced into small chunks with the melted cheese oozing out and sprinkled with fresh coriander, served with the spicy tangy chutney and tomato ketchup. It is priced at 60Rs and is a great 5 pm snack option.

The place is mostly packed all the time since it serves all types of chats and sandwiches and is frequented by the college going crowd. Some other mouth-watering delicacies that they serve are Cheese Sev Puri, Corn Cheese Bhel, Chocolate Sandwich, Pani Puri (of course!) and Cheese Grill Sev Puri (which is a bigger version of the toast sandwich priced at Rs. 90).
I love trying unusual street food places and if you do too - Head here! 

Address:  Shop 3 & 4, LBS Market, Near Matunga Station, Matunga East, Mumbai
Contact:  098201 31293

Author and Picture Credit: Palak Doshi

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