Cancellation & Refund Policy

Membership, Payment, Cancellation and Return Policy

Users may become CITYSHOR PREMIUM members by making due payment and following the instructions on CityShor Premium App.

A member may terminate his or her membership of CITYSHOR PREMIUMby following the instructions to do so. Members will be able to continue enjoying membership privileges or reactivate their membership up to the last day of membership. 

A member is not eligible for the refund of the membership fees, if the payment has already been made and received by CityShor and the member is a part of membership duration. 


Deals may only be used in the manner expressly allowed in these Rules, i.e. for the redemption of menu items.  Users may not sell, distribute, transfer or deal with any Deals for any reason whatsoever, whether for profit or otherwise.

CityShor is not responsible for any failure to perform CityShor’s obligations if such failure is due to an Act of God, such as interruption to the Internet, failure of electricity or telephone service, or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of CityShor.

Users acknowledge and agree that CityShor is not responsible for any failure of any restaurant or third party to discharge its representations or promises in respect of any Deal, for any reason whatsoever.   CityShor will however, use reasonable efforts to address any feedback or concerns raised.