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When life gives you lemons… slice those suckers up and find some tequila! Be it a sulking girlfriend, an irksome boss, ever increasing expenditures or the never increasing incomes… These quirky shot glasses by SheepStop are perfect to shooo away every pain in your life! Some rib ticklin’ stuff from this brand is our pick to brighten up your lives and some nooks and corners of your home.

‘Safety is a fence. And fences are for sheep. We want people to stop being one and to speak up their minds…’ shares Bhagyashri about the concept behind SheepStop.The designs have a tongue-in-cheek take on daily idiosyncrasies, customs and sayings. (don’t miss out the Buri Nazar Wale bumper sticker) 

If you too believe that the real wisdom ‘downloads’ in the restroom, then you can pay your respect with these fine glass framed artworks that can be easily mounted on your bathroom door. While Sorry Man wall clock ideal for our office, it’s the Pitcher Abhi Baaki Hai we want right next to our fridge! If you have finally made peace with the curve balls of life and can actually laugh about it… their collection of amusing décor is meant for you.

But that's not the only thing they stand for. The spirit of the brand is incomplete without a mention about their earth friendly approach. Be it the material or their business practices, the brand favors the green route. Just when we thought they're awesome... turns out they're deep too! 

 Where to hit? A little cutesy cart in Season’s Mall, 2nd Floor, Opp. Fun Adda, Magarpatta City

Contact: +91 9766540014

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