3 Must Have Dishes at Effingut Brewerkz

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Ranging from Oriental and Indian to even sea food, today we’re telling you about 3 absolute must have dishes at Effingut Brewekrz. Our love for the crafted brews on tap here is no secret and a drinking session is always followed by relishing these 3 offerings in particular. Read on to know more about what we pair our brews with…

No meal for us begins without calling for a starter. Sea food lovers that we are, Prawns in your Choice of Sauce caught our attention the very first time we were at Effingut and now we refuse to leave without relishing this dish. With sauce options like hot chilli, chilli basil, black bean and even plum sauce to choose from, experimenting adds to the fun aspect of ordering this starter. An Effingut star seller, we recommend the Prawns in Hot Chilli and mustard sauce which is a killer yet unique combination!

Speaking of Oriental cuisine, Khow Suey is a unanimous choice for our entire team. One of the most popular food items of Effingut, this one gets double thumbs up from us each time. Typically a Burmese delicacy, what keeps us coming back here for the Khow Suey is the perfect blend of flavours. A creamy, lightly spiced curry with home-made coconut milk is served with burnt garlic noodles and topped with aromatic condiments.

Glancing through a menu makes us realise that Indian cuisine always make for the ideal choice when we’re looking for comfort food. The Lal Maas served at Effingut is the best damn dish to call for if you’re an IPA or Hefeweizen drinker. Lamb is dry roasted in a pan with fresh spices before being simmered in gravy. An aromatic preparation, this is served with steamed rice and a side of Indian bread of your choice. Although chilli based, this dish is extremely flavourful but not too spicy.

So the next time you head to Effingut to enjoy their crafted brews, we strongly recommend you try these three star dishes. Cheers to a perfect meal!

Address: Serenebay, Lane 6, South Main road, Koregaon Park

Contact: +91 08390907410

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