#3 ways to a Magical transformation- Little Hair Salon!

With a phenomenal rating of 4 and above out of 5 on almost every other social platform, The Little Hair Salon has extensively been the ‘Go-To’ place for all their clients. Shweta Goyal, the sole artist behind the magical transformations is the paramount of The Little Hair Salon. She makes every treatment, right from Skin to Nails to Hair and Makeup an experience for the clients to cherish and hence, has a loyal clientele till date since 2012!

The Little Hair Salon has highly qualified and efficient staff members with at least 5 years of experience in the industry and hence, is our trusted destination to pamper ourselves!

Well, here are 3 reasons why you need to visit this place for magical transformation right away!

#1 Hair colour - Be it a stark silver or an electric orange or a neon mauve/violet or anything that you have on your mind, The little hair salon is the place you will have all your colourful desires fulfilled. Not only do they give you what you want but the trained members of the salon provide you with an amazing routine for your hair care guidance post the colouring session!

So bring up the pop in your daily routine with; the peppy hair flowing around with a flare!

#2 Skin care - Happy skin is the way to happy life. That is what everyone at The Little hair salon believes and spreads. The place thus serves you with an amazingly experimental and effective range of facials and cleanups. Right from the basic to gold to diamond and sensitive skin treatments The Little hair salon does not limit itself. Their Hydra facial treatment is the rare form of clinical treatment which is a must try for rejuvenating skin.

#3 Manicure and Pedicure - Skin care is always a plus point agreed, but The Little hair salon also promotes and cares for the tiniest of details. Nails being the easily ignored part of our body, The little hair salon realises its importance and thus, works out the best package for nail care regimes too.

The Little Hair Salon truly believes in pampering their customers right from the tip of their hair to toe. Leaving them with a cared and homely feel of being looked after in the best way possible.

What are you waiting for? Get yourself pampered right away at this exclusive place for Magical Transformation and experience.

Location:The Little Hair Salon

Row house - 4, Lunkad Gardens

Opp HDFC bank, Dutta Mandir Chowk, viman nagar

Book an appointment at: 8888886650/51


Composed by - Esha Karbhari

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