4 Destinations for Quirky Yet Classy Home Decor Pieces!

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Home Décor pieces are an integral part of the ambience of your home. When chosen carefully, they lend a story to your home and speak for your home. Classy and contemporary home décor pieces uplift the look of your home to a near-mesmerizing effect. If you are the kind, who loves contemporary style of Home Décor, with just a tad bit touch of traditional, Pune has places that house some of the finest Home Décor pieces and articles. We bring to you our curated list of 4 destinations whose quirky yet classy pieces will leave you enchanted. Take a look…

1.       Perfect for any Occasion: Tea Lights from Just Antiques

Just antiques in Koregaon park has got a perfect collection. Beaten metallic texture, vibrant color and the rustic appeal make of these small pieces a delight. Lots of options to illuminate your dinner spread - some can go on your table tops and some can be wall mounted easily. We totally loved the lotus inspired brass tea light holder which has got a serious vibe of the Ajanta frescos. This one you shouldn't miss.


2.       KKhayal - The Antique studio

It is like you're taking a lazy stroll on the streets on Jaipur and suddenly you find some gorgeous gallery or a store loaded with Indian art & craft! It was exactly the same feeling when we read 'Kkhayal Studios.' A detailed tour of the store gave us a chance to check out the wooden, copper and glass made vintage artefacts curated by the folks at Kkhayal. The products range from vintage style vessels, Rajasthan style keychains, candle stands to entire bungalow design projects!


3.       Art from The He(art)... by Artrex

They say life is an open book full of blank pages. Meet Priti Desai who illustrates hers with absolutely limitless and super spontaneous play of colors and medium. And when the canvas and frames seem to be restricting her, she went on to doors, walls, stones, bottles and everything in between! A graphic designer by profession, her venture ARTREX, you too can own these pleasant hand crafted artworks, the subject of which can be customized as per your wish. Inspiring words resting on vibrant ombre of hues, these cheery pieces can enliven even the drabbest corner of your home.


4.       Wall Hangings from 'Art Etc'

Among the million amazing things in ‘Art Etc’ in Aundh, we must say were mighty impressed by these wall hangings. The thing that impressed us the most was its simplicity and the aesthetic decorative value these wall hangings. Simple materials like metal bells, embroidered designs, mosaic designs, graceful metal designs, etc have been used so brilliantly that not a single piece looks gaudy or odd. Imagine these beautiful hangings making silent sounds in your when no one is around and at that sound, you will suddenly get attracted to it and falling all over every day for the aesthetics in your house!


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