4 Places for the Best and Unusual Frozen Desserts in Pune

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Well, it’s that time of the year when the Summer will retreat. With the thick blanket of clouds approaching, the mighty Sun will have to take a bow and become lost behind the veil. The signs are here. And that’s your cue. This season, with the last leg of the heat wave, grab that last fun attempt to beat the heat with the coolest Frozen Desserts in town. Indulge. Savour. Relish. Enjoy these quirky desserts with flavours and twists galore. Here is where…

1. Get a Mix of Spice And Sweet at Zaika!

CityShor found a superb place for unusual ice-cream and you may be aware of this since it is kind of an old place. We are still covering it because ice creams flavoured with spices is really something not all have heard of! Flavours such as Black Pepper, Honey Tej Patta, Mix Masala Thandaai or Honey Cloves Cinnamon are really good and go down your palate really nice. We suggest you try it out if you haven’t yet.

Address: Zaika Spice Cream, Next to Shabari Hotel, Off FC Road, Ghole Road, Pune


2. Happy To Share Menchie's FroYo With You!

The way this brand spoils you for choice is incredible as at any given point, you’ll find at least 10 flavours. Also you are free to mix n match those flavours because of their self service system! That brings us to another awesome aspect, Go, Take and Mix As You Like! Pick up a cup and take whichever flavours as you like and top it off with choice of more than 35 dry and wet toppings. Cool, isn’t it?

Address: Menchie’s, Lane No 6, Koregaon Park, Pune.


3. We Got Stoned (With Ice n Cream)

Have you ever eaten ice cream that’s mixed on a frozen granite stone and served to you in a waffle cup? Ever been spoilt for choice with over 15 topping options to choose from? Ever heard of ice cream concepts ranging from nutty and fresh fruits to chocolate and diet? We say yes, yes and yes. That too right within our very own Pune…So where did we enjoy all this awesomeness? At Creamstone in Baner! Ice cream here is not merely a dessert. It’s a concept and one that allows you to freeze your imagination. Whether you’re a lover of fresh fruits, chocolates, candies or even someone who keeps a strict check on calories and intake of sugar, Creamstone has a dedicated concept section on their menu. Speaking of the amount of toppings available, we were just oh-so-amazed! True blue lovers of chocolates, we were literally in chocolate heaven. Ferrero Rocher, Kit-Kat, Snickers, name the topping and we had the option of adding it to our ice cream. 

Address: Bhagyashree Building, Opp Ivory Estate, Baner Main Road, Pune.

Contact: 020 69120007


4. Ice Cream Happiness With A Fried Twist!

You can’t buy happiness but you can buy ice cream, and that’s kind of the same thing. With temperatures soaring higher this summer, how about some ice cream happiness with a fried twist?  We CityShorians are ice cream lovers. Irrespective of the season, we are always up for some ice cream. However, come summer and our craze takes on an entirely new level of addiction. This summer though we are simply bored. Having experimented with a myriad of ice cream flavours available around the city, we needed something different. And that’s exactly what we looked for! The result – say hello to fried ice cream. A breaded scoop of ice cream is deep fried and served instantly; enveloped by a thin crispy coating, the ice cream is perfectly solid on the inside and begins to melt slowly as one indulges…

Order the Special Ice-cream, 2 fried scoops topped with icing powder, at Thai House and you may just never want to eat simple ice cream again.

Address: Thai House, 1 & 2 Raviraj Heritage, Near Pune IT Park, Bhau Patil Road

Contact: 020 30162073



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