A Day with Flamingos and Chinkaras - by The Western Routes !

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Just two hours drive outside Pune and you get to experience the best of nature! Puneites are not very new to Flamingos and Chinkaras! You have always seen them in newspapers and pictures. But here’s a chance to actually go and experience these creatures alive!


Spend a day in the company of Flamingos and Chinkaras. Join The Western Routes for day trips to the Ujjani Dam backwaters near Bhigwan and continue to the Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary. Both the places are any photographer’s delights.

Bhigwan is the name of a small town around 110 km from Pune on. It is surrounded by the backwaters of the mighty Ujjani Dam on the river Bhima. The backwater area is spread across and around the town of Bhigwan. It is one of the few wetlands in Maharashtra which is preferred by the Greater Flamingos, which stay in and around the backwaters nearly throughout the year. The productive waters also other attract bird species like Painted Storks, Ibises, Stilts & Plovers, Terns, and even Ospreys, along with an enormous number of different duck species.

The Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary is a haven for the Chinkara (Indian Gazelle) who finds a safe refuge here. More recently there have been reports of wolves, foxes and hyenas being spotted by locals, the forest department and a few tourists who frequent this place for the sheer joy of seeing rare and endangered wildlife so close to the city.

For further details or to book a place on this trip, contact
Jayesh on +91 9011040773 or jayesh@thewesternroutes.com



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