A Homegrown Store that brings SMILE on your Face

The first thing that you notice when you visit SMILE is the positivity. It is not just because of the colours, the lights or the ambience, it is much more than that!

A brainchild of Adv. Vandana Chavan, SMILE is a story of bringing women from humble backgrounds together. They put their heart and imagination to great use by designing and selling products that now have an international repute. 

These women decided to transverse beyond the boundaries of pickles and papads to explore arts, crafts and blend it with their ideas and skills to create something unique. 

SMILE now sells a wide range of products - from baby clothing to stationery and wall hangings to soft toys and much more. Each product is a story in itself which makes the product even more interesting.

If you love carrying trendy products around or are looking for corporate gifting products that showcase Indian traditions, this is the place. It could also be lampshades with Warli Art or contemporary Bollywood styled tea coasters that might catch your attention. You’ll find a range of products here that will bring a smile on your face. 

SMILE is not just a store, it is an experience in itself. It is a story about women who have so much to say through their creativity. It is a place with refreshed Indian sensibility.

Author and Picture Credit: Rishikesh Lokapure

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