A Look at the Brews and Brewery at Effingut Brewerkz

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Located in lane 6 of Koregaon Park is our favourite brewery in the city, Effingut Brewerkz. As the only place in India serving EIGHT CRAFT BEERS ON TAP, this place is as good as it gets when it comes to the love for chilled brews. Having gotten a chance to check out their exceptional brewery, we’re sharing sneak peeks of the same with you.  From the extra-ordinary ambience and beer family to the unique brewery, we cannot stop raving about this one of a kind place in the city! Read on to know more about why we’re such ardent fans of Effingut…

We love Effingut cuz it’s home to our absolutely favourite brews…Beer wort production machines are known as Brewhouses. Quite an apt name, eh? Skipping the real technical bit, we’ll keep it simple by just telling you guys a few of the interesting points we picked up on while we were there. During our tour of the brewery we were also informed about the traditional way of producing beer wort by using hops, malt, water and yeast. It’s during the fermentation and maturation that the wort turns into the final and our favourite drink. The time required for these two processed however varies from brew to brew. The entire process is actually not only informative but also quite fascinating…

The brewery has six pre-programmed recipes for the production of the most well-known types of brews including Lager, Pils, Ale, Weissenbeer and Special. For any other type, a manual brewing mode is used. Effingut is known for its eight absolutely delicious craft brews. If you enjoy your drink to be hoppy you’ve got to try the IPA and Pale Lager while those of you with a thing for sweeter brews must try the Peach Ginger Melomel. There are also multiple options like the Honey Mead and Lemon Ginger Mead when it comes to sweet n sparkling brews that are reminiscent of champagne maybe. Speaking of classics there’s the English Bitter or even the Apple Cider preferred by most girls. Whatever your preference, Effingut has the best of brews to offer…

Make your way to the address given below for some chugging and glugging…Cheers!

Address: Serenebay, Lane 6, South Main road, Koregaon Park

Contact: +91 08390907410

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