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Twists and slight tweaks to something already delicious are two very different scenarios. While twists have always been a rage, tweaks, being more subtle and less pronounced, are not that easily decipherable. However, head over to Nomad’s at Model Colony, and their tweaks will indulge you in a great trip to taste lane, at dirt cheap prices! Call 9011218425/7620723124 for more!

The menu is your decent staple fare, with sandwiches, pasta, shakes and stuff taking up a larger part of the menu. And yet, it is among the names that the pretty neat tweaks lie. And we have some of them right here!

First up are the African Peri Peri Fries. And they are pretty loaded, with Barbeque Sauce, and two more dips spread over the regular Peri Peri Fries. Moreover, chopped onions, tomatoes, bell peppers and corn kernels are also present which is why they also are pretty refreshing if the entire taste and feel is anything to go by.

Next comes the Pizza Sandwich. Now this one is more of an inside out sandwich, as some of the ingredients inside are present on the outside too. There’s cheese, pizza sauce and veggies on the inside, and a generous portion of cheese and black sliced olives on the outside. An evergreen delight!

The Black Mojito is a pretty different take on the regular Mojito. Loads of cut lemons and mint leaves with the beverage thrown into a small mason jar, and you get a pretty pungent and a strong overall flavour in the drink. A must have.

If you are with a sweet tooth, you absolutely need to try out their Ice Cream Sandwich. Chocolate, Chocolate Syrup and chocolate ice cream inside, and then little ice cream scoops on the tip of every sandwich slice. Dessert lovers will have a hard time stopping at this one!

And the value for money factor adds up to the overall appeal of the place too. You can head to Nomad’s on month ends too, and there will still be stash left with you after food!

Address- 1032, Deep Bangla Chowk, Model Colony, Pune.

Call- 9011218425/7620723124


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