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Bread, such a common food item in our house. Did you ever think how many varieties a bread can have? One of our most common household items is much more complex than we think.

       Arkie’s: Born Bakers, is the place for you if the above words excite you!
Yes, you truly got to believe that! These guys are born bakers. With the kind of variety and quality Arkie’s has of their breads, we think you should go and check. Their new healthy options in breads will take care of your health while satisfying your taste buds.

       Arkie’s do not add preservative to their breads or any other bakery product. This makes their breads totally natural and easy on the stomach.

      Banana Loaf is something we would want you to go and grab before it gets SOLD OUT!

      A sweet cake-like bread made with complete ripe bananas and butter! So very yummy it is. A mug of hot coffee and a slice of banana loaf and you’re set for the evening. With the toppings of onions and colored peppers, Focaccia looks very vibrant and tastes amazing. Very soft with the perfect amount of seasoning.

       Garlic Baguette, multigrain bread and Panini are regular names, but Arkie’s has its own take on it like multigrain flakes on the top of multigrain bread! It adds a crunchy punch to the whole bread! The unique taste is because of breads is due to ‘Sour Dough’ culture. The Italian breads like Ciabatta, Baguette and Panini get its authenticity because of pickled herbs and pickled olive oil used in it.

Arkie’s also has Brown Pizza Base. Fitness freaks, are you listening?

      Its not usual for bakeries in Pune to provide this kind of a spread with their breads, even if they do they don’t usually turn out to be pocket friendly. Arkies takes pride in its quality and gives you the freshest breads in the most reasonable prices. It is taking the use of breads to the next level by bringing international types of breads to our doorstep.

       CityShor highly recommends this classic bakery for their excellent variety and quality breads.


Address: Tukaram Paduka Chowk, FC Road, Shivaji Nagar, Pune.

Contact: 8408062777 / 8007395950

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