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Fitness freaks of Pune! Looking for that perfect, light and healthy snack to appease your hunger pangs after your workout regime? Are you the health conscious kind looking for the best of health and nutrition even in your munchies? What if we were to tell you that such munchies and the superheroes of the snack world are well within your reach? Only at the click of a button! Happy Belly brings to you a power packed, nutrition loaded and absolutely tasty Nutrilicious Snack Box for the earnest fitness freak in you! With their Home Delivery service, these can be well accessed by anyone across town.

The Nutrilicious is a go-to box for the health conscious! Fuel your work out regime with 4 snacks that are packed with antioxidants, high-fibre whole grains, muscle building proteins, minerals and plenty of vitamins! Fresh, Healthy, Tasty; these have all the attributes of a good snack. Want to know the best part? You can now give in to the craving of your sweet tooth without having to worry about the calories! Here’s how.

Love Muffins? Ever heard of a Protein Packed Whey Muffin? Sounds interesting right? ‘Whey Too Good’, one of the signature snacks of Happy Belly, is an innovative, fun and absolutely delicious chocolate muffin with the goodness of chia and walnuts known for their antioxidant properties. Muscle Hustle is a power house of a no bake snack bar. Packed with energy enhancing ingredients like peanuts, butter, oats, almonds, raisins; it gets an enduring covering of chocolate and is perfect to fight the mid-day fatigue and powering your workout. Hands down, it is the Super Hero of the Nutrilicious Box!

Super Cereal is the mother of all breakfast cereals. It is perfect to kick start your day with a super nutritious and dazzling fusion of oats, heart healthy almonds, iron-intense dates, and electrolytes-replenishing raisins. Gently sweetened with natural sweeteners like honey and maple syrup, you are ensured of that perfect taste without compromising on the calories! Coco Crunch is yet another power-packed health bar! With superfoods like Coconut and Walnut, this crunchy, gooey and a simple crumble bar is dairy-free and eggless. Apart from the chocolate, the sweetness of the bar is accentuated with natural and healthy sweeteners like jaggery and cinnamon. The maple syrup lends the bar a tad bit of a strong yet rich flavour.

Are you the kind for whom health and nutrition in food ranks high? Undoubtedly, how significant has the need for a healthy diet become in recent times! With everyone’s daily schedule running amok, Happy Belly comes as a breather as they provide you with healthy snacks to have on the go. Happy Belly comes as a boon for fitness freaks and gym goers as they provide exactly the right kind of nutritious snacks that deserves to be accompanied with a workout regime. In addition, their service becomes more personalised with their in-house trained and well-mannered Delivery Boys who are a pleasure to deal with.

Wait no more! Order with www.happybelly.me today! Experience health, freshness and taste as you dig in to their assorted range of super snacks!

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