A Special Pure Vegetarian Arena at Puneri Festival 2016

Puneri Festival is brought to you by Title Sponsors KidzCloud at Shubharambha Lawns, Kothrud on the 6th, 7th and 8th of May 2016.

At the biggest celebratory platform of the Puneri Tradition and Culture, the food offerings here are galore! Yes, we bring to you more. All you good Vegetarian Folks. We are here to tell you. Don’t be disheartened! For we are bringing you a reason to be at the Puneri Festival. Maswadi, Pithla Bhakri, Bharli Vangi, Thalipeeth, Puran Poli, Til Poli, Dalwada, Aappe, Bin-Panyachi Kanda Bhaji and Khapli Gavhachi Kheer.

Try these rustic yet delectable dishes which make up the Marathi Food Culture. With a choicest array of authentic Maharashtrian Vegetarian Dishes. This one is dedicated especially for you.

Maswadi is essentially a savoury fudge made of Besan with coconut and poppy seeds. This dish hails from the Ahmednagar region. It is versatile as it can be enjoyed as a side-dish or as a main if doused with a spicy rassa.

Dal Wada sounds particularly exciting to us. Fritters made of flour from 5 different types of lentils or dals, their nutritional value is abundant without compromising on the taste.

Khapli Gavhachi Kheer. Assal Maharashtrian Dessert! Prepared from a specific type of wheat used only for making porridges, it is packed with the subtle sweetness of jaggery and richness of milk.

Aappe are savoury balls made from rice batter with Fenugreek Seeds and roasted in a special mould. Bin-Panyachi Kanda Bhaji will also be interesting as your favourite crispy onion bhaji will be fried without a wet batter!

Representing a slice of rural Maharashtra, these dishes are simple, authentic and heavy on nutrition. Relish on a range of varied flavours. From small portions to large main portions, the number of options to choose from will be huge.

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