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Brewing, smelling, sipping...Tea is not just a beverage, it's an experience and we've had the best of this experience thanks to TEA TRUNK. Log on to www.teatrunk.com and shop for a brilliant range of curated gourmet teas that are nothing like what you've tried before. Crafted by a Tea Sommelier, Snigdha Manchanda, Tea Trunk boasts of a range of the finest Indian tea leaves blended with all natural ingredients...The teas are whole leaf, flavourful and healthy. Here's more about some exclusive tea love.

India is one of the largest producer and consumer of tea, but very little is truly celebrated about the fine varieties of tea produced. Did you know Darjeeling tea is celebrated as the champagne of teas the world over? Not tea traders, but craftsmen of their own tea, today we're telling you guys about Tea Trunk. This extra-ordinary team sources all their teas from 7 estates within the country itself and makes their own blends. Oh and by the way, the teas are made of 100 percent natural ingredients; this ensures that the health benefits are intact...
We tried not one but ten different Tea Trunk offerings and are officially hooked. From lighter ones like Lavender White Tea and Camomile Tea and an exclusive Saffron Kahwa Green Tea to stronger ones like Chilli Chai Black Tea, trust us when we say it was quite an experience...Having expected the Berry Blush Green Tea to be a sweet one, we were pleasantly surprised to taste a more citrus, tangy flavour. The Rose Oolong Tea was a personal favourite given the evident yummy taste it leaves in the mouth...
We'd like to take this opportunity to bust a popular myth that tea is expensive. The price range of Tea Trunk teas starts from Rs. 350 for 100 gm. Now 100 gm of tea would make 50 cups and can be used over a period of one year. Rs. 10 for a refreshing cup of delicious tea really doesn't seem like an expensive deal, does it? After all that' the price we'd pay for a cup of masala chai on the street right? 
Get yourself some crafted awesomeness from Tea Trunk and enjoy tea like it should be.

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