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A unique network of Afterschool Programs, Cedarwood Afterschool Program is the place to teach your kids how to learn at every stage in their lives…The centre offers various courses across the city including Viman Nagar, Kharadi, Magarpatta, Wanowarie and NIBM. You can log on to their website www.cedarwood.co.in or contact +91 9579999100 / +91 9890432369 / +91 9881031356 if you’re looking at giving your little one a learning experience that’s like no other.

They say teachers change the world one child at a time…We believe what truly makes the learning experience at Cedarwood extra-ordinary is the faculty. Yes, the centre boasts of a team comprising teachers with years of experience who have excelled in their respective roles. Mrs. Vandana Ahuja the Program Director is an educationist with over 20 years of experience. Having taught at St. Mary's School, Pune she also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in child psychology and has an inborn passion for working with children. Head, Science and Robotics, Mrs. Rajul Sen is a highly qualified and experienced science teacher who has worked with the Exploratory and has taught in various elite schools for 26 years.

The Senior Program Director, Mrs. Sharmista Guha is an accomplished educationist with over 40 years of teaching experience. In 2012, she was recognized nationally when she was awarded the “Pearson Teaching Award for Excellence in School Teaching”.  Mrs. Vidya Kaul is responsible for the Afterschool programme, a happy mix of fun and learning. Having worked as the Principal of a High School in Assam she has also tutored children for the entrance examinations to Public Schools within the country. Mrs. Shobha Grover, the Associate Partner, has over 30 years of experience of teaching the English language at various levels.

The centre offers an excellent opportunity for teachers, educators and facilitators imparting high quality education through Cedarwood. If you’re a teacher who is already taking classes or wants to start doing so, you can contact +91 9595131000 or send an email on deeksha@cedarwood.co.in and become a part of a prestigious and unique network of teachers…

The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see…Each activity at Cedarwood has been meticulously designed and is conducted by highly experienced teachers with the objective of honing specific skills in each child. With wonderful teachers like these you can rest assured your little one’s understanding of key academic concepts as well as critical life skills will develop in the best possible way!

Address: Row House No. 6, Kalpana Villa, Near Datta Mandir Chowk, Viman Nagar

Contact: +91 9579999100 / +91 9890432369 / +91 9881031356

Email: info@cedarwood.co.in

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