Antarvalay: Giving means to inner emotions and expressions!

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An artist is recognized by the work he or she does. Similarly, an art lover is judged by the art he appreciates or possesses!

So this is a shout out to all the art-lovers who would like to add a little art to their home decor.  Shirin Shaikh, a self-trained artist, has come up with a collection of hand-painted bottles.

Each bottle having a unique design is painted with glass colors to keep its transparency intact. You can get as creative as possible with the placing of these bottles which add the colourful bright light to the entire decor.

Designs are random, with a theme in mind. Themes vary from flowers, life, nature and a lot more! Colors on the bottles bring out a beautiful light. A few bottles also have real flowers used to decorate them and these flowers stay the same for lifelong.

Kids room can definitely have one of these cartoon designed bottles and they will be more than happy to see this addition in their room.

Prices of these bottles start from Rs. 600/-. To buy these, get in touch with Shirin on 9421030786


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