Aromatherapy for Home: Candles from Beauté Naturelle

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Candles have graced our birthday cakes, romantic dinners as well as prayers. Addition of fragrances and colors are a contemporary take on the evergreen, somewhat hope-giving wax lights. And the ones we spotted Beauté Naturelle became our out an out favorite. These assorted scented wax candles are solely available with this store for the time being.

There can be a no better prop to place against your Goa or Kerala vacation pictures other than the Coconut Shell candle by Holy Lama. The upcycled coconut shell got even better as we unwrapped. The subtle Pina Colada aroma was eccentric!

Collection from Resonance comes in pearlescent palm wax housed in glass jars. A glass container is the most appropriate as you can see the candle's qualities as it burns. Palm wax is a natural derivative and nontoxic. They burn cleaner compared to paraffin wax and do not emit any harmful petrochemical vapours which makes them ideal for bedrooms, living and dining. The added utility comes from the reusable jars. The airtight lids keep the fragrance intact. Speaking of fragrance, the wax has been infused with perfumed oils which you can pick as per your mood and liking. These 4 options available include:

       - Rose, a fragrance that has been loved in our households for ages now, is a symbol of sanctity

       - Lemongrass, if you desire a little tropical inspired corner with a citrus punch

       - Lavender, known for its healing and calming effect is an easy choice

       - Vanilla, one of the most praised flavors makes for a yummy candle too

All these candles can last from 25-40 hours! This makes them a perfect mood creating solution from AM to PM.

There is something naturally very comforting about candles. Browse below to have yours.

Address: Aditya Restaurant Lane, Opp ICICI Bank, Karve Road

Contact: +91-20-25450292 / 020 25450292

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