Art Workshops by Studio 7

GUESS WHAT? You can become an artist for a day. Or just a few hours .. Who said you need to be creative in order to be an artist? Art is not just the standard concepts you are taught at an art school and then implemented. Believing that every individual has an artist in him, Studio7 took place. From something completely abstract to definite interests, workshops at studio7 are worth being a part off.

Have always admired the art on the domes of cathedrals and stained glasses in the churches? Visit studio7 once, and you may be able to make that piece of art out of your own creativity and imagination.

You can just walk in there and have a look at all they have made. They have products made by people who are not from the art background whatsoever. It’s a different experience just being there in the midst of paint brushes, stained glass pieces, vintage bottles, threads, beads etc. A place where individuals from any walks of life can discover the creative artist in themselves. There is no limitation to what objects can be created. From mosaic mirrors to art on bottles, there is beauty in every product.

Get in touch with them to find out more about the workshops.
Contact : 9373007373

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