Asamaanta Mein Gyaan: Cult Decor by Sonam Kesarkar

Attributes: Furniture, Others

We how so wish we could add a subtle background music to this post! Some folk medley of khamaicha and khartal, reminiscent of the desert and its vibrance.

Sonam is an interior designer by profession, an artist at heart and a photographer by passion. She not only goes for out of the box, but we guess out of the frame too! The images she captured while on a wanderlust through the bylanes of Rajasthan don’t just sit in pretty frames. Once printed on fabric they translate into aesthetically pleasing cushion covers and seaters. We must give it to her for introducing functionality to her artwork.

Her design sensibility amalgamates Indian heritage and architecture along with contemporary outlook. You too can indulge your fascination with both worlds with the custom Rajputana inspired chairs. The carved details on wood and hand stitched upholstery makes them a labor of love and a gem of a click.

No matter how captive the pieces seem, she makes an effort to keep the color palette muted so that they don’t look loud but poetic.

A motley of conceptualized wall art will surely add a dimension to your otherwise planar dull walls. The patterns are surreal yet simple enough to gently nudge you back to the basics. Without further explanation we’ll let the walls do the talking here…

If Sonam’s design philosophy resonates your perpective of life too, you can browse her page and make an appointment.\

Contact : +91 9767416342

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