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Move over Ragda Puri and Ragda Pattice. Try this never before heard of dish in Street Food in Pune! Ragda Pav!

Remember our feature on the Modak Chaat a couple of days back? We now bring to you another gem of an innovation from Rasta Peth’s Vishri Snacks Centre.  This one speaks of a regional influence.

Chunks of bread drenched in Pandharpuri Ragda are topped with sweet and spicy chutney and crispy shev. The infusion of the spicy Ragda with Sweet Tamarind Date Chutney and Green chilly chutney treats your taste buds with a variety of flavours. The chopped onion and coriander add to the rawness.

The name Pandharpuri Ragda comes from the flavours it consists of. Unlike the usual Ragda which is bland, this one comes laden with a secret mix of spices and has a taste of its own.  A dish so simple, it is a wonder it was never thought of before!

What is also reassuring is these chaat dishes are prepared hygienically and with utmost care. At Rs. 20 per dish, it is worth every buck!

Your humble Pav gets a humbler touch. The rustic element in it is unmissable. What is unusual in this chaat dish are the striking flavours of fennel seeds and ajwain which is usually not found in chaat dishes.

This Chaat Joint in Rasta Peth is truly unique in its own right.

Address: 248/C Rasta Peth, Near Laxmi Sughandhalay, Behind KEM Hospital, Pune.

Contact: 9011041073 / 9049049494


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