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They say memories of babyhood are timeless treasures of the heart… Nothing in the world is even half as cute as your baby’s teeny-weeny hands and feet. And with Impressive Memoirs by Risha Kadam, you can ‘treasure’ these literally! These hyper realistic gilds not only capture in minutest details of the chubby hands and feet with the cutesy fingers, but also capture the most peace-giving moments of your bundle of joy. Every piece she shared with us made us go ‘awwwwwwwie!’

After giving birth to her first baby, motherhood coupled with creative streaks compelled Risha to preserve her baby's impressions in the ‘uniquest’ way possible. She undertook training for these 3D sculptures in Europe where she learned the finer nuances of this art form only to return to Pune and give this city a one-of-a-kind venture.

But babies also bring in some sleepless nights. Don’t worry… all you need is to give her a call. She’d visit you and your baby in the comfort of your home or even at the hospital (we even saw impressions of a 5 hour old!) The mouldings are collected by dipping the hands & / or feet into impression material which is non-toxic, biodegradable & 100% safe for baby skin. The process takes hardly 60 seconds each.

The 3D sculpture is then finished with silver, copper, bronze or 24carat gold and lots of love and patience. Since Risha understands the emotion that goes behind, it trickles in her detailed approach and shows in the finesse. A month later you can expect these sculptures mounted in a custom made shadow box and displayed under glass. This memorabilia can be framed in numerous options that’d suit your taste and to match the décor of your cocoon.

Nothing can shake the memory of your baby’s first kick, first crawl, first steps or the first words… Impressive Memoirs is the closest you can get to rendering and gilding these memories into a beautiful tangible way. To make an appointment…

Call: +91 989 020 9228

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