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Here’s the coolest and most unique discovery for those of you with kids between 4 to 8 years of age. Log on to and discover extra-ordinary development tools for your budding one. Bazinga Box is an array of 4 to 5 super fun hands-on activities delivered monthly to your doorstep that engages your little one in open-ended exploration! A city-based venture, we think it’s the funnest way to enrich, educate, engage and explore for children…

Bazinga box is devoted to enhancing the holistic development of children in their formative years. The box aims at developing 6 logical and creative aspects of the body namely physical strength, numerology and logic, science and discovery, creative expressions, social and emotional being and language arts, by combining traditional techniques with modern equipment. The best way to teach a kid is to help him learn with his own experience which is exactly what Bazinga box aims at doing. We love how the box makes learning an exploration rather than textbook theory.

Can you think outside the box and yet, inside it? “Yes, we can” is the answer Rohit Sabnis went with and launched Bazinga Box in an attempt to improve kids’ motor skills and creativity and bring them closer to the practical applications of science at an early age. He studied the developmental stages of a child’s brain in developed countries and marked how they were in contrast with the stages in India. He then came up with the idea of a box, consisting of science experiments, board games, 3-D puzzles, art and craft projects, etc. which keeps the kid engrossed in the magic of science. The box has not only become popular in Pune, but in Delhi, Bengaluru and Chennai as well.

Each month a theme is carefully chosen and all the activities are designed around the same…A couple of the interesting themes include Growing Gardens and Incredible ‘I’. There’s a determination to provide something new and intriguing every month. We checked out the Bazinga Box Magic Mystery theme and even as adults were absolutely delighted with the activities! It’s the perfect way and age to enable your tiny tots to think out of the box. Surprise him today cuz good times are never ending when playing and pretending…

Address: 1040 Tilak Road, Shukrawar Peth

Contact: +91 9637572626


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