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They say Reading is the greatest pleasure one can find in the world. Letting yourself drown in a sea of words is an experience that is simply incomparable. That emotion of awe, excitement, happiness and even turmoil, moves every individual in a unique way. Add to that a pot full of knowledge that one gains access to that causes much change in the way we perceive our world. Reading adds immensely to one’s personality and knowledge. So, wouldn’t it be the greatest gift we can offer our children? Take a step in this direction. Head to Just Books Aundh and gift your kids an access to the biggest collection of Children’s Books in a private library in Pune.

Titles from diverse genres truly makes their collection an all-encompassing one. Children can explore a plethora of books from comics to classics to fiction, rather young fiction. We tell you some of their rarest and lesser known children’s titles that you may not know of. Just Books Aundh boasts of having the largest collection of Scholastic’s English version of ‘Geronimo Stilton,’ a popular Italian Children’s Book Series. Originally thought of by Italian author Elisabetta Dami, it was published with the pseudonym Geronimo Stilton, incidentally also the name of the title character. An endearing read for children up to 12 years of age.

A timeless collection of English Classics made just for the discerning young readers is the crowning glory of the Children’s Collection at Just Books. Readers up to 15 years of age can now delve into some of the old English authors’ works such as Pride & Prejudice, Great Expectations, Wuthering Heights, David Copperfield and many more. The awe-inspiring case of Sherlock Holmes’, The Hounds of the Baskerville also finds a place here. What also caught our eye were some of the most brilliant Japanese titles such as Air Gear, KageTora and Negima! These gems are from the popular Shonen Manga culture where in the protagonist is less than 15 years of age.  Manga literally means whimsical pictures and are an equivalent to comics in the rest of the world. How exciting and fun does that sound!

Children from all age groups can find a place here, find books that are age-appropriate and age-specific. Just Books Aundh has taken a lot of efforts in segregating and categorising books as per the age and genre of books. They have made book browsing simple and effortless for children. We are sure children and teenagers would have a wonderful productive time perusing through this vast collection of literature.

Open up a plethora of literature and knowledge to your kids. Subscribe to Just Books Aundh and gift them a source of reading pleasure they probably could not derive anywhere else.

Address: 1st Floor, Aashiyana Apartments, Diagonally Opp to DAV School, DP Road, Aundh, Pune.

Contact: 020-69336944




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