Blitzkrieg Riding club

Attributes: Around the City

You got to follow traffic rules even if you are a ‘biker’.

You have to wear a helmet and a jacket while riding.

You have to ride in a line of two.

You have to stay with the group even if you can speed up.

You should be ready for a little bit of adventure.

‘You have to have a valid driving license’.

Last one, you have to have a bike with a capacity minimum of 150cc.

If you are still interested after reading these list of rules, you are welcome to Blitzkrieg Riding Club! Off-road riding, impromptu rides outside city, traffic rules awareness campaign, first aid help awareness campaigns, bike maintenance workshops, weekly meet-ups at various destinations….there are numerous such interesting and constructive activities organized by this crazy group of crazier riders.

BRC was conceptualized by Sarang Kenjale who himself is a passionate biker. By passionate, we mean he has completed ‘border to border’ ride of India. It included a complete ride of 18380km, right from Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Kanyakumari and Goa!

If you want to join the club, get in touch with Sarang or visit their facebook page to know about their latest updates.

Sarang Kenjale – 09579643213

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