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Those who frequent the hotspot of Kalyani Nagar have not escaped the charm of Bubsterr’s. The only place in town selling Pizza by the Slice, Bubsterr’s has been a refreshing addition to Pune’s foodie circuit! Here’s some good news for the denizens of Baner. Bubsterr’s is now in Baner! With their signature 10” Monster Pizza Slices, it’s time to drop everything and indulge in the Bubsterr’s experience.

The Monster Pizza Slices were going to make an appearance for the first time for us at Baner! The Pizza Slices come with a unique crust which is uniform on the edges. Neither a thin crust nor a regular, there does not yet exist a name for this unique crust. So let’s just called it the Bubsterr’s crust! We tried 3 of their most diverse pizza slices and we couldn’t be happier! The Bubsterr’s Goes Green comes adorned with vibrant veggies such as Onion, Capsicum, Bell Peppers, Mushroom and American Corn. We added Black Olives which truly uplifted the flavour of this slice!

Bubsterr’s Chicken Citron was a pizza like no other! Ginger & Basil infused chicken is topped with Onions and Orange segments! Have you ever heard of such unusual flavours on a Pizza Slice? Before you say anything, hold on, as Bubsterr’s has yet another surprise up its sleeve! The Bubsterr’s Pork Chori-zza is a slice with spicy Pork Sausage and sweet Cinnamon on glazed Apples. This one is for the pork lovers. Yes, you have to try it to know what we are talking about! Not just that, they also have a pizza slice with oodles of cheese and crispy nachos for toppings! Kudos to Bubsterr’s for proving how pizza can have anything one likes on it!

Boy was it a humid day when we paid Bubsterr’s Baner a visit. Little did we know, it was all going to be worth it! The sweet people at Bubsterr’s saved us from the tyranny of the humid weather outside and offered us their best drinks; the Oreo Blend and Lemon Iced Tea. Both were top notch drinks and had Bubsterr’s written all over it! The Oreo Blend is a pure Oreo indulgence with oodles of creaminess and chocolate! Topped with an Oreo biscuit bathed in chocolate sauce, it is bound to make your day. Fresh fresh fresh. That’s the only way to describe the Lemon Iced Tea here! Freshly brewed and prepared for your refreshing purposes, this would probably be one of the best iced teas in town!

No, Bubsterr’s is not all about pizza slices! Choose from their extensive yet lovingly made menu right from munchies to hot dogs to burgers to pizza slices! Are you a fan of the bacon and all the delightful pork goodness? Come to Bubsterr’s and you will not be let down! The Cheesy Bacon’d Fries are as good as they get with plenty of crispy Bacon bits and smeared with an in-house cheese sauce! Heavenly!

The Overloaded Pork Dog was a monster dog! As the name goes, it is stuffed with all things pork. A fresh and flavourful Pork Sausage, Smoked Ham, Pepperoni and Bacon. Top that with caramelized onions and an in-house Mustard Sauce and you will lose yourself in a food trance! We tried a vegetarian variant in the burger and opted for a Paneer Spice Crunch Burger. This crunchy cottage cheese steak was marinated and served in a spicy in-house Schezwan sauce and married with a Tomato Mayo, Lettuce and Fresh Onions between 2 fresh burger buns! A true delight for the vegetarians! In-House and freshness is the motto at Bubsterr’s

Bubsterr’s brings its bubbliness, quirkiness and a love for food that they cannot wait to share with the people in Baner! Head to Bubsterr’s Baner to experience Pizza and what not like never before! After all, cruising down the Baner Road, it is a big bright yellow board that you just cannot miss!

Address: House No. 339, Baner Gaon, Baner Road, Near Laxuman Mandir, 100 meters from Malaka Spice, Pune.

Contact: 020-65272226


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