Chic Lamp Shades from Bhila

Attributes: Lightings and Fans, Lighting & Lamps

The Christmas Day is here and CityShor brings you that soothing brightness in the life!
A wide range of brand new chic Lamp Shades from Bhila are here to add that missing touch of freshness and brightness to your home. The hand-painted artwork on the lamp shades give a complete new spin to the traditional sense of lighting.

These lamp shades are a combination of earthy Indian textures with upbeat modern art painted on it. The designs are inspired from different aspects of life like music, serene nature, rural life and routine, aquatic life, religious beliefs, art forms like Madhubani, etc.

Just add up these beautifully painted lampshades to the walls this new year and experience a new found closeness to your house and with your family.

Contact: Padmaja Lakhe: +919850985357

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